Introducing Weekly Report Cards

Your language learning progress in your inbox. And a new autocomplete feature!


I’ve released weekly progress report emails! Both you and your partner will receive an email on Sunday showing relevant progress and statistics over the past week. Partners can keep track of what you’re learning right from their inbox without having to open the app.

Another big feature is dictionary and translation suggestions when adding new vocabulary. Rather than trying to automatically translate words or phrases, Coupling presents a list of suggestions sourced from dictionaries and multiple translation services, including connotations and examples.

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I’ve just added an opt-out setting to these newsletter emails on signup. If you’ve previously signed up with Coupling and don’t want to receive these emails, you can unsubscribe at the bottom. Thanks for being subscribed!

(check out the last update: Major Updates on Coupling)

🚀 Updates on Coupling

📈 Weekly Progress Report Emails

Weekly emails in your and your partner’s inbox summarizing the past week of language learning with statistics!

Weekly reports can involve guiding partners more into your language journey by sharing your progress without them having to actively check in on you and open the app. The report gathers your last week of progress and neatly wraps it into a digest including:

  • New words or phrases you’ve learned

  • Vocabulary you may be having trouble with

  • Outstanding questions

  • Days you’ve studied and for how long

  • Aggregate statistics such as total study time and vocabulary learned

I find this to be useful as your partner can keep up with what you’re currently learning, and you can riff on the vocabulary in real life, outside of the app. Or perhaps they can spot red flags if they catch you learning irrelevant or incorrect vocabulary.

📚 Dictionary and Translation Suggestions

While adding vocabulary, Coupling will search and suggest dictionary and translation results that match whatever you’ve typed.

Let’s say you type “fire” into the English field. Fire could mean a literal fire, to fire a weapon, to fire an employee, to fire someone up. And there’ll often be multiple correct ways to say that in your target language.

Coupling will present you a list of those suggestions with dictionary results and direct translations. These results come with connotations and examples sentences. Then you can just click what best matches what you want to learn. And Coupling will fill it in for you!

You can also type full sentences or phrases, and you’ll get suggestions for direct translations from multiple translation services.

😐 Miscellaneous

  • Added welcome emails upon completing the signup. If you didn’t get a welcome email before… then welcome!

  • Removed challenge packs for now to focus on primary features. As explained later, I’m going to revamp the booster packs to be more curated and ensure quality of translations. Challenge packs may roll into that later

  • Removing support for setting your native language for now. To focus on providing consistent quality and less complexity, I’m focusing on supporting learners that know English for now. I’ve found English learners that want to learn more have enough of an English baseline to continue learning this way. Coupling should still work fine even if you are, say, a Chinese native learning English

  • Some of the dictionaries were offline as I transitioned to use dictionary and translation suggestions. Those dictionaries are back online now

👐 What’s Next?

🃏 Improving Booster Pack Quality

While booster packs provide good ideas on what to learn next, much of the vocabulary in booster packs are mistranslated. This, understandably, puts off learners from using the booster packs or Coupling in general.

I’m removing those translations and adding curated and verified vocabulary for booster packs. For popular languages, I’ll source verified translations from native speakers. Translations can also be crowdsourced as native partners can fill in missing booster pack translations for all of us in exchange for rewards.

Long term, I’m also looking to source from more dictionaries.

✉️ Daily Report Card Emails

Alongside weekly progress report emails, I’m looking to add a daily session report email each time you finish your daily session. This would allow partners to keep track of progress on a day-to-day basis to practice new vocabulary with you in real life as you learn it.

As with all of our emails, you can pick and choose which ones to opt out of in Settings.

🎧 Learning with Coupling Through Podcasts

On a 22 hour road trip from NOLA to Colorado, we worked on my Cantonese by listening to a podcast and my partner inputted vocabulary I didn’t know into Coupling. This worked out amazing because I could learn a word or phrase from a language teacher speaking in casual conversation with context, then I asked my partner any additional questions I had, and once the word is input into my deck, I can further reinforce in the future.

An idea I liked was to curate podcasts into Coupling, and as you listened through the podcast, words and phrases would automatically be added into your deck at the timestamps. But an idea for a later day.

Thanks for reading and supporting the project!

Major Updates on Coupling

For language learning with a partner. A new look and onboarding process!

Coupling, the language learning app for couples, has a new look with a revamped sign up process! We support over 100 languages; click below to get started:

Start Learning a Language

(check out the last update: New Vocabulary Starter Decks + Anki Importer)

🚀 Updates on Coupling

📋 New Signup Experience and Tutorials

Coupling now has a proper onboarding and getting started experience! Previously, we’d all be thrown into the app without much direction on what to do or how to use the app.

Now the signup flow has a step-by-step checklist and guided tutorials. Starting from how to add vocabulary, how to learn or study vocabulary, and what things mean when learning in a spaced repetition system.

If you’re an existing user, you won’t see the new signup flow unless you make a new account for now.

⛩️ New Intro Screen

Along with a new Getting Started experience, I’ve built a new intro screen explaining what Coupling is prior to login, and what it’s all about.

🔥 Daily Streaks and Goals

We can now view your record streak, the length of the maximum streak that you’ve ever built up in the past. See if you can break it.

Streaks and goals also now load faster with less judder, especially when switching between you and your partner’s dashboards, and now work more reliably.

📦 Booster Packs

You can now add all vocabulary in a booster pack with one click.

We also added starter decks two weeks ago, which can be found in Booster Packs. You can add all vocabulary from the curated starter decks with one click, if you started with Coupling before they came out.

💯 Study Progress Bar

A little extra drop of motivation and polish, there’s now an animated progress bar in the Learn section (previously called the Study section) that inches forward as you complete your vocabulary reviews.

⌨️ Keyboard Shortcuts

There are now keyboard shortcuts, if you learning on a computer or laptop, in the Learn (Study) section.

Press Enter or Space or Right Arrow to flip a flashcard, Escape to unflip, and 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 number keys to record an answer corresponding to the position of the buttons (i.e., Again, Hard, Correct, and Easy).

💬 Feedback Form

In Settings, there’s now a chat bubble that you can use to send me any ideas, feature requests, feedback, or bug reports.

There’s also a button there to join the Discord.

😐 Miscellaneous

Minor updates:

  • Improved performance and startup speed

  • UI and UX polish across the board

  • You can now view your partner’s daily goal and progress on their dashboard

  • Flashcards now labeled if they are added by your partner

  • The Add Vocabulary (+) button will add vocabulary for your partner versus for yourself if you are viewing your partner’s dashboard

  • Updated Install to Homescreen modals, including adding one for Android. Make sure to install the Coupling webapp to your homescreen. Having the app installed acts as a great reminder to jump into quick learning sessions

  • When installed, Coupling will reload if there’s an update available. There’s also a manual reload button in Settings

  • Vocabulary Listing now loads from server versus local database, along with infinite scroll. Search and filters for your vocabulary are coming in the mid-term future

And a plethora of bug fixes these last couple weeks including:

  • Fix audio icon disappearing while loading

  • Fix notification screen not showing correctly and not being able to close

  • Fix adding and editing English definitions for English learners

  • Fix not being able to submit on Add Vocabulary

  • Fix back buttons not showing, and make them easier to click

  • Fix audio sometimes not playing

  • Fix text sometimes overflowing on flashcards or appearing small after edit

👐 What’s Next?

  • Weekly progress reports with graphs and statistics!

  • Make it easier for partners to contribute to the language learning journey. For people that are not learning a language and are helping their partner to learn one, we’ll make it easier to contribute by assigning one daily task. This will make it crystal clear on how partners can help each other out the most, and it’ll just be one big button on what should be done for the day.

  • Improved quality of booster packs and translations

Thanks for subscribing. Give it a try, or if you’ve already given it a try… give it another try! I’ve been working hard to make it the best language learning experience possible.

New Vocabulary Starter Decks + Anki Importer

Now featuring starter decks for 50+ languages with 200+ essential words and phrases

Big updates this week! If you haven’t signed up yet, click below to try Coupling and start learning with your partner.

⚡ Start Learning a Language

(check out the last update)

⬆️ Updates on Coupling

🎴 Curated Starter Decks for 50+ Languages

Coupling currently supports 100+ languages. Now for most languages, you have the option to begin your language learning with a curated beginner vocabulary deck, featuring 200 beginner essential words and phrases.

If you are already using the app, you can go to the Booster Packs section to browse and add words from the starter deck.

These starter decks are made possible by the hard work from Xefjord’s Complete Language Learning Series and their community of volunteers!

📦 Import Anki Decks

Anki is a spaced repetition flashcard program popular with language learners and medical students. There are tons of free vocabulary flashcard decks created by the thriving community of language learners.

Now in Coupling, you can import Anki decks! Grab your existing deck or download ones online (as an .apkg file). Many decks have thousands of vocabulary. That might be a lot to import at once. With new optimizations, Coupling is now tested to work with tens of thousands of vocabulary.

You can also pick and choose what vocabulary you want to import rather than importing a whole deck. And Coupling’s Anki importer will detect what vocabulary is already in your deck and not import duplicates. I’ve even tested on importing 10,000 Chinese and Spanish words at once!

Vocabulary that you or your partner add manually takes precedence over vocabulary imported from an Anki deck in what goes into your learning queue first. So if you do import a large Anki deck, it’ll effectively act a a filler backlog.

The Anki Importer (Beta) can be found in your settings underneath Language.

📮 Password Reset and Change Email

In case you forgot your password or accidentally signed up with a work email or something, you can now reset your password (from the login screen) or change your email (from your user profile).

😐 Miscellaneous

  • A lot of UI and UX fixes, as well as making streaks and goals more reliable.

  • Better handling of extremely large vocabulary decks. The vocabulary listing page is now an infinite scroll. Support for search and filtering will come later on.

  • You can now attach questions and audio recordings while adding new vocabulary.

  • The default limit of new cards per day to learn has been reduced from 10 to 5. At 10 new cards per day, the study queue quickly built up! 5 should be more manageable for most of us, and it can be increased in your settings.

  • Added ability to delete notes on flashcards

  • Improved support for English learners, can now add definitions in English alongside the native language translation

👐 What’s Next?

My primary goal has shifted to two things to try to make the app more useful to everyone:

  • 🏃‍♀️ Improve the onboarding process for new users. I’ll sprinkle in tutorials, and make it more clear what to do upon starting the app (i.e., complete the first review as a learner, or how to support the learner as the guider). While there’s a good chunk of people that stick around to continue learning, I lose a good chunk of people in the first three days.

  • 🧧 Introduce incentives for guiding partners. There’s a good incentive for learners to use Coupling to keep learning, but I need to work on the other side for the partners that are acting as support. This may include introducing daily goals and streaks for the partner to earn by assisting the learner, setting real life rewards (e.g., getting a cooked dinner upon adding 20 audio recordings), developing fun games (e.g., Heads Up, Guess Who?, Pictionary), or sending weekly report cards with statistics and insights on the learner’s journey.

If you have any insights on how you or your partner might benefit from any changes, please let me know! Always on the lookout for brutal feedback and for people to tell me why they think this project might fail. That allows me to take steps in the right direction.

Thanks for subscribing!

Updates on Coupling (04/01)

Get the app for free now. New streaks and goals feature!

Hello, this is the tenth update! The app is open for everyone to try. Click below to try Coupling and start learning a language now!

⚡ Try Coupling Now

I haven’t created tutorials or guides yet, but join our Discord to chat!

Join the Discord

(check out the last update)

Updates on Coupling

🔥 Streaks and Daily Goals

What is a language app these days without some streaks sprinkled in? Complete your daily goals and earn a green mark on the streak calendar. The more actions you do for the day, the darker it’ll go green. Fill it up!

I’ve noticed the psychological effect of other apps including forms of streaks, for wellness and meditation, fitness, or education. While some apps use gamification to addict people, it can also be used to nudge us towards a healthy habit. With myself using the app, I already feel the internal nudge to drive me to complete my reviews for the day.

To earn your streak: if you’re learning a language, review your vocabulary (in Study). If you have no reviews for the day, add more vocabulary to earn your streak. If you’re not learning a language, you can add vocabulary for your partner to earn your streak.

Later I’ll add “super streaks” or bonus points you can earn to achieve a gold star (or whatever color) for the day, by contributing to your partner’s language journey by adding flashcards, adding audio recordings, or answering questions.

Another idea is to be able to give kudos to your partner for finishing the daily goal.

✅ Reward Screen

I’ve updated the Study Complete screen that appears once you finished your vocabulary reviews to be more rewarding. Finish your reviews and take a look for yourself! I’ll keep planning on how else we can incorporate rewards into our language learning goals.

💯 Vocabulary Detail Badges

I’ve added a small quality-of-life update to add number badges showing how many audio recordings, notes, questions, or sentences a flashcard has.

✊ Building Accountability

What values can we add to the language learning process? Not only can we plug loved ones in so they can add vocabulary and audio and such, but it’s a big benefit to know someone’s keeping an eye on your progress.

Having people be able to see how hard you’re going at it and being able to share your growth is a big boon. So far your partner can check in on you with the app every once in a while. But with future updates to add ways to provide encouragement, receive weekly progress reports, or be able to share your progress with other friends and family can build onto the sense of accountability.

⚡ Try Coupling Now

Updates on Coupling (3/19)

🎙️ Add custom audio recordings from you and your partner!

Hello! I’m slowly opening up out of private beta for Coupling. You signed up to this newsletter for a reason, so get it now! The link to the app is available from the Discord! If you’ve been wanting to get better at your partner’s language or help out your partner in learning your language, now’s the time:

Get Access to Coupling

(check out the last update)

Updates on Coupling

🎙️ Add Your Own Audio Recordings

You and your partner can now record and save your own audio recordings to flashcards. While reviewing flashcards, the app will play your favorite voice, your partner’s, to listen and learn from! A great alternative to the text-to-speech voices or hunting them down on the Internet.

Some people have mentioned sourcing quality audio recordings is one of the harder things of creating flashcards. While Coupling generates audio for you for any vocabulary, adding your own audio is an easy way to help each other out and make the learning process more enjoyable and personalized!

🏠 Coupling is Now Installable

Coupling is now installable so you can add the webapp to your smartphone’s homescreen and have it front and center on your device so you can remember to do your reviews for the day and have a shortcut to quickly add new vocabulary.

You’ll also be able to use Coupling using the whole height of your smartphone’s screen without the URL bar of the browser getting in the way. If your mind is suddenly curious on how to say something, just tap the app, and type what you want to learn, and Coupling will fill in the rest.

💡 Feature Highlight: 10000 Hours

More statistics and graphs are coming for you and your partner to track each other’s progress. Coupling keeps track of time studied per vocabulary and total time studied overall. I recently fixed an issue where the total time was resetting, but it’s no longer an issue.

The cliche says it takes 10000 hours to become a master at something. Get started and inch towards that number!

Get Link to App on Discord

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