Updates on Coupling (06/25)

SMS study reminders, summary reports, get paid to contribute to booster packs!

The world is opening up; it’s an opportune time to start improving your language skills before you visit your partner’s family or travel! I’ll be living in Mexico City for a month in September, so I’ll be using Coupling to improve my Spanish 💪. Check out the improvements I’ve been working on for the past month of June.

⚡ Open Coupling in Your Browser

(check out the last update: Introducing Weekly Report Cards)

🚀 Updates on Coupling

📱 SMS Reminders to Study

Schedule a daily SMS reminder to complete your daily learn

Sometimes we need a little nudge to help us remember to complete our daily learning goals. Set a reminder for yourself at a time of day you’d like to set aside. If you haven’t completed your learning goals by that time, you’ll receive a text message from Coupling to get on it!

I do prefer you complete your daily learn before then, because each text costs me $0.0075!

📈 Daily Email Summary Reports

Get statistics and summary in your and your partner’s inbox of what you learned and reviewed today

After completing your daily learn, you have to option to receive a progress report for the day in both your inboxes. You and your partner will be able to see what vocabulary you started learning or what vocabulary you might be struggling with.

Then you know words and phrases will be good to practice or banter with in real life. It’s been working well for us!

🔎 Search Bar

Search your vocabulary deck!

I added a search bar for you and your partner to be able to search your vocabulary. You can search for either the English side or your target language side.

Later, I’ll add more sorting options: by last reviewed, most recently started learning, newest added, alphabetical, and by learning progress.

💸 New Booster Pack System, Open for Paid Contributions

Booster packs now consist of only native speaker verified translations and are open for anyone to contribute or edit (bounty included).

Booster packs are packs of vocabulary you can browse and add to your deck. With the exception of the starter deck, booster packs were automatically generated for every language.

I’ve removed the generated translations and now booster packs only feature curated and verified translations to ensure 100% accuracy. Until I procure native speakers to populate them, for most languages, translations are blank.

Contribute to Booster Packs, Earn Money

For native speakers, earn $0.05 per contributed translation in booster packs

Booster packs are open for anyone to contribute! If your native speaking partner is open to helping you and the community out, they can browse to a booster pack, and click on a vocabulary to contribute a translation.

I’m putting up a bounty of $0.05 per translation from a native speaker! With over 400 vocabulary in the booster packs, that’s about $20 for perhaps an hour of work. Each contribution will be recorded and tallied.

For most of you, this offer would be extended to your native speaking partner (e.g., Spanish, German, Japanese, Vietnamese, French). Contact me if you have questions and want to get started (kevin@learncoupling.com)

I’ve made the contribution process extremely quick by displaying translations and dictionary entries so often they don’t even have to type. Just tap on the correct translation from the list.

100% Booster Packs for Chinese and Cantonese

Chinese and Cantonese booster packs are 100% populated with curated and verified translations.

While most languages don’t have their booster packs filled out yet, I’ve procured 400 curated and verified translations from a native speaker (thanks wife!) for Chinese and Cantonese booster packs.

👐 What’s Next?

🎧  Language Learning Podcasts

I am going to curate and feature educational language learning podcasts in Coupling. These podcasts have professional language teachers walking you through the language and teaching grammar and vocabulary. This gives a foundation of fundamentals such as grammar, tones, or cultural notes.

On top of just featuring podcasts, I’m going to gather each vocabulary they introduce, and make booster packs out of them. As you listen to the podcast, you can add vocabulary to your deck to ensure you’re not just listening and forgetting.

Once that vocabulary gets added to your deck, they earn a one-way ticket to becoming baked into your memory.

There may even be an auto-add by timestamp feature so vocabulary gets added as they introduce them in real time. This can then extend to educational YouTube videos, popular songs, or TV shows.

Thanks for reading and supporting the project!