Language Learning Goes Visual

Making flashcard reviews 50% more fun with millions of icons

Hi! Coupling uses a learning system that is proven to help you remember anything forever. We’ve added an ability to lock words into your memory even harder.

🎴 We’ve added millions of beautiful images for you to decorate your flashcards

Start Decorating Now

(check out the last update)

🚀 Updates on Coupling

🎴 Add Beautiful Visuals to Flashcards

When you learn a new word in Coupling, you’ll get to choose a visual that goes along with it. There are millions to choose and search from and it just takes one tap. Unlike stock or Google images, our images blend in with the flashcard to not be distracting.

Have at it now as we may limit its usage in the future behind a plan as it’s not free on our side. It’s a fun feature!

⏱️ Study Time Tracking for Multiple Languages

Before, there was only one statistic: total study time between all your languages.

When learning multiple languages and viewing your study time, we now calculate the study time between languages separately.

I’m learning Cantonese to speak to family, Chinese to learn to read, and Spanish as I’m sorta alright at it but moving to Mexico City tomorrow! So this feature is almost mainly for me ☺️

🖌️ Polish

I’ve polished the learning system up with a bunch of small fixes. Most prominently, fixing an occasional bug where the answer of the flashcard would flash (no pun intended) for a split second.

For Spanish, I’ve changed the voice to be the Latin American accent versus the lispy Spain accent.

👐 What’s Next?

I still have the laundry list of things to do as mentioned in the last update. The overarching thing I want to tackle was to give more ways for partners to help and motivate all the aspiring learners.

Keep up the learning! Language learning is a marathon and the only way to succeed is to make it a habit.

Please let me know if you have any feedback ( Thanks!