Updates on Coupling (3/19)

🎙️ Add custom audio recordings from you and your partner!

Hello! I’m slowly opening up out of private beta for Coupling. You signed up to this newsletter for a reason, so get it now! The link to the app is available from the Discord! If you’ve been wanting to get better at your partner’s language or help out your partner in learning your language, now’s the time:

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Updates on Coupling

🎙️ Add Your Own Audio Recordings

You and your partner can now record and save your own audio recordings to flashcards. While reviewing flashcards, the app will play your favorite voice, your partner’s, to listen and learn from! A great alternative to the text-to-speech voices or hunting them down on the Internet.

Some people have mentioned sourcing quality audio recordings is one of the harder things of creating flashcards. While Coupling generates audio for you for any vocabulary, adding your own audio is an easy way to help each other out and make the learning process more enjoyable and personalized!

🏠 Coupling is Now Installable

Coupling is now installable so you can add the webapp to your smartphone’s homescreen and have it front and center on your device so you can remember to do your reviews for the day and have a shortcut to quickly add new vocabulary.

You’ll also be able to use Coupling using the whole height of your smartphone’s screen without the URL bar of the browser getting in the way. If your mind is suddenly curious on how to say something, just tap the app, and type what you want to learn, and Coupling will fill in the rest.

💡 Feature Highlight: 10000 Hours

More statistics and graphs are coming for you and your partner to track each other’s progress. Coupling keeps track of time studied per vocabulary and total time studied overall. I recently fixed an issue where the total time was resetting, but it’s no longer an issue.

The cliche says it takes 10000 hours to become a master at something. Get started and inch towards that number!

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