Weekly Update on Coupling

Initial functionality is coming together!

Thanks for being subscribed to updates on Coupling! I’m working as hard as I can to make language learning more multiplayer, and to make it possible for couples to get learn language through each other.

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My goal for an alpha version is spaced repetition flashcards that both you and your partner can comment on and flag each other for help. The native speaker can keep track of the learner’s progress, and jump in to respond to questions or provide more context on words and phrases.

In the last two weeks, I have set up the server, database, login, and signup. For the app, I have built the flashcard system (modeled after Anki). You can create, view, review, add notes to, and request for help on flashcards. I’ve also built the friend request system to invite your partner.

What’s Next

I’m improving the tools and interface for the native speaker to assist the learner. There are so many different levels of motivation and styles between learner and native speakers across different couples. That’s a main source of friction between two people learning languages from each other. Coupling will make it seamless for a native speaking partner to hop on whenever they are free, see the learner’s progress, and check off a few tasks to help them out.

I’m improving the flashcard creation flow. Building your own flashcard deck is a great way to learn. I want to make it super quick to add a flashcard with the app providing you automatic translations and big fat buttons to attach images and audio.

Collecting Flashcards

A vision I have is to make collecting new vocabulary and phrases like collecting trading cards. Language learning videos and podcasts can provide links to flashcard booster packs that you can click to add to your deck. A browser extension can let you right-click words to add to your deck. A messenger between you and your partner can generate flashcards from natural relevant conversations to add to your deck. Then language challenges can tailor to you based on the words that are found in your deck.

Stay safe, everyone!