Updates on Coupling (04/01)

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Hello, this is the tenth update! The app is open for everyone to try. Click below to try Coupling and start learning a language now!

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Updates on Coupling

🔥 Streaks and Daily Goals

What is a language app these days without some streaks sprinkled in? Complete your daily goals and earn a green mark on the streak calendar. The more actions you do for the day, the darker it’ll go green. Fill it up!

I’ve noticed the psychological effect of other apps including forms of streaks, for wellness and meditation, fitness, or education. While some apps use gamification to addict people, it can also be used to nudge us towards a healthy habit. With myself using the app, I already feel the internal nudge to drive me to complete my reviews for the day.

To earn your streak: if you’re learning a language, review your vocabulary (in Study). If you have no reviews for the day, add more vocabulary to earn your streak. If you’re not learning a language, you can add vocabulary for your partner to earn your streak.

Later I’ll add “super streaks” or bonus points you can earn to achieve a gold star (or whatever color) for the day, by contributing to your partner’s language journey by adding flashcards, adding audio recordings, or answering questions.

Another idea is to be able to give kudos to your partner for finishing the daily goal.

✅ Reward Screen

I’ve updated the Study Complete screen that appears once you finished your vocabulary reviews to be more rewarding. Finish your reviews and take a look for yourself! I’ll keep planning on how else we can incorporate rewards into our language learning goals.

💯 Vocabulary Detail Badges

I’ve added a small quality-of-life update to add number badges showing how many audio recordings, notes, questions, or sentences a flashcard has.

✊ Building Accountability

What values can we add to the language learning process? Not only can we plug loved ones in so they can add vocabulary and audio and such, but it’s a big benefit to know someone’s keeping an eye on your progress.

Having people be able to see how hard you’re going at it and being able to share your growth is a big boon. So far your partner can check in on you with the app every once in a while. But with future updates to add ways to provide encouragement, receive weekly progress reports, or be able to share your progress with other friends and family can build onto the sense of accountability.

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